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Getting Started with Levels

Modified on: Sun, 15 Jan, 2023 at 9:18 PM

Earthling is one of the few bots which give you complete freedom regarding levels. Using Earthling's free-level system to your advantage, you can create the perfect Discord server.

This guide will go through and link each guide to get you started with the level module.

Let's look at the following

Need help with something more specific? Try searching for it in the help bar.

Transferring levels from MEE6 to Earthling

Moving from MEE6 to Earthling? We're glad! To make it easier for you, we have a simple way of transferring all your level data from MEE6 to us. Click here to get started.

Setting roles when a user reaches a level

One way of rewarding users for talking is by giving them exclusive roles which can only be earned through reaching a certain level! These roles can be customised to allow users to do certain things like attach images in a main channel or give them access to an exclusive level channel. It is highly recommended to get some level roles for your server if you want it to stay active! Click here to get started.

Customising the level-up message

Customising the level-up message is a great way to add a bit of uniqueness to your server! Forget the standard level-up message, make it more about your server with custom emojis and text! Click here to get started.

Setting a channel for level-up messages to go

Some people like to have a dedicated channel for level-up messages to go into, Earthling has that ability! Click here to get started.

Setting multipliers for roles, channels and the server

Setting multipliers for roles and channels are a great way to reward those who have special roles or access to channels. In many cases, servers give an experience boost to those who boost the server as a reward! Click here to get started.

Blacklisting any channels or roles from gaining experience

Want to prevent channels or people with a role from gaining experience? This is normally the case for spam channels or those who aren't allowed to level up as they are being punished. Click here to get started.

Customising the rank card

There are 2 ways of customising the rank card, either for yourself or the entire server. This allows you to add some character to either yourself or the server, giving a bit more life to your place! Click here to get started customising the server rank card. Want those in your server to make their own rank card to make everyone stand out? Click here and send them this link!

If you have any issues, feel free to join our support server for direct support.