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Customising your rank card

Modified on: Sat, 31 Dec, 2022 at 11:35 PM

Customising your rank card is one of the many things Discord Bots normally make you pay for - not Earthling!

Changing the background

You can change your rank card background using the /configuration card background command.

Warning: This rank card background will be used in all servers where they allow users to use their own rank cards, be careful about what your background is.

Tip: This command has to be done in a channel where you have "Attach File" permissions.

Changing the colour

You can change your rank card colour using the /configuration card color command. You can either input a hex code or use words such as "Red".

At this current time, there is no way of having custom rank card designs for different servers or disable them for specific servers.

If you have any issues, feel free to join our support server for direct support.