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How can I become a translator?

Modified on: Sat, 31 Dec, 2022 at 9:04 PM

Making Earthling as accessible to everyone is one of the main focusses - one way of doing this is adding multiple language support. We use a platform called localazy where people can come together to translate phrases and words used by the bot.

You can get started by clicking here! You will be required to log in before you start translating.

How do I translate?

First, find the language you are looking for then press the blue translation button on the right. It will then promt you with a translation that needs translating. The English version is located on the left whilst you type the new translated version on the right. If you are unsure about a translation, feel free to press the "Skip Translation" button!

How can I add a language that isn't included?

Adding a language can be done in just three clicks! Firstly, click the blue plus icon and then type in the language you are looking for - then press add!

How do I get the language onto the bot?

Languages are added to Earthling once they reach 100% completion. Every translation that is completed is reviewed by an Earthling Staff member before accepted.
If you have been translating for a while now, you may be eligible for the Trusted Translator role on the website, meaning your translations will not need to go through review!

How do I get the Translator role on the support server and the badge?

These can be gained through completed a good amount of translating. Earthling Staff are able to view how much and what a user has done regarding to translating. Once you feel like you have done enough, please open a staff support ticket on the support server.

If you have any issues, feel free to join our support server for direct support.